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JJI granted European patent for fully recyclable computer housing

By Plastics Today Staff
Published: May 11th, 2011

According to the company, the patent covers a specially formulated polypropylene compound using proprietary non-halogent flame retardant technology that it says is ideally suited for injection molding recyclable plastic computer housings and constructions boards.

JJI Technologies' (Painesville, OH) is a developer and supplier of flame retardants with its focus on environmentally friendly grades of these additives. The European patent was granted for the material for fully recylable computer housings, EP2045288, could grab the attention of OEMs that in Europe must follow the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directives. These directives mandate that suppliers of electronic devices sold in Europe must finance the cost of treating and recovering the types of products they import, rebrand or manufacture. The products also must meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives that limit the use of brominated and halogenated flame retardants, among other substances, in some products.

JJI reports there have been assembled prototypes of the housings and the material has been independently tested to confirm that the flame retardant material may be recycled at least five times without loss of the UL94 V­0 flammability standard with minimal impact on physical properties.

In answer to PlasticsToday questions, JJI Technologies replied that the compounds used to mold these fully recyclable computer housings can be processed on standard plastics processing machinery. Standard injection molding machines were used to mold the prototypes, with lower temperature profiles generally used to mold products containing the compound.

In addition to the recyclable computer enclosure, JJI Technologies says it has additional proprietary material technology that can be applied to internal electrical compo­nents such as wiring, connectors and circuitry allowing recovery of precious metals without using burning processes. In answer to our question on this, the company replied that it could not go into detail because of the proprietary nature of the separation process. "Technology exists where some materials can be separated and precious metals remain without mechanical chopping, grinding or burning," added JJI.

JJI Technologies says it is in discussions with manufacturers and retailers regarding the technology, and is seeking parties interested in licensing the material technology for incorporation into product manufacturing.


Non-halogen flame retardant meets ASTM B&C standard

By MPW Staff
Published: March 31st, 2010

A new non-halogen amino phosphate flame-retardant additive has passed a critical building materials standard, verifying its flame retardance performance for the sector.
JJI Technologies' (Painesville, OH) JJAZZ flame retardant passed the ASTM E84 Class B standard test method for surface-burning characteristics of building materials. JJI undertook independent, certified lab test to verify the additive. The test itself examines the comparative surface-burning characteristics of the material by observing flame spread along a specimen while measuring smoke density and temperature. The tested plaque with JJAZZ flame retardant additive exceeded standards for the ASTM E84 Class B Steiner Tunnel Test.

JJI's self-catalyzed intumescent flame retardant, JJAZZ, is described by the company as its "workhorse line" of non-halogen flame retardants. JJI says the self-catalyzed technology embedded within the flame retardant serves to enhance a finished product's physical performance, increase extinguishing efficiency, and simplify compounding..

The additive is supplied in three particle sizes including median sizes of 2.5-, 6-, and 12-µm. JJAZZ also satisfies Restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHS), Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and Canadian Challenge regulations and has been pre-screened for REACH compliance in Europe. 


JJI Technologies announces that products using JJAZZ®, its non-halogen amino phosphate flame retardant additive, have passed the rigid ASTM E84 Class B Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Independent, certified laboratory verifies that JJAZZ® Non-Halogen Flame Retardant exceeds criteria for stringent flame retardancy test.

Painesville, OH USA– JJI Technologies announces that a building product to be used in a public arena setting which incorporates JJAZZ® to achieve flame retardancy has passed the stringent ASTM E84 test achieving a Class B flame rating.The purpose of the test is to determine the comparative surface burning characteristics of the material by observing the flame spread along the specimen while measuring smoke density and temperature.The tested product, having been formulated with JJAZZ® flame retardant additive, exceeded standards for meeting the requirements for the ASTM E84 Class B Steiner Tunnel Test.

Through a variety of commercial programs, JJI Technologies continues to prove its ability to quickly solve complex performance hurdles when flame retardants and plastics are part of the equation. The company was founded upon an innovative, self-catalyzed intumescent flame retardant called JJAZZ®. Their continued novel approach to developing new products and formulations creates a commercial performance advantage that is unparalleled in the industry.

Their workhorse line of non-halogen flame retardants coined JJAZZ® flame retardants are fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. This non-halogen FR has been applauded by many as one of the best overall non-halogen flame retardants in existence today for polyolefins because it is self-catalyzed, easy to process and boasts a quick-deploying robust char formation. It has been used in plastics applications requiring some of the most demanding flame and smoke toxicity testing to date. The self-catalyzed technology embedded within the flame retardant enhances physical performance, increases extinguishing efficiency, and simplifies the compounding process.

The JJAZZ® flame retardant exhibits features such as non-toxic, low smoke density and minimal odor when exposed to flame. This is achieved by forming a robust char barrier that stops the flame from propagating to the polyolefin. “The superb and near instantaneous char formation of JJAZZ dissipates and deflects the flame away from the fuel source”, says Nick Zaksek,Applications Manager for JJI Technologies. Features such as a low specific gravity, lower loading levels, and non-blooming help to exemplify the overall cost savings and improved aesthetics that benefit the user. JJAZZ® is supplied in three tailored particle sizes including median sizes of 2.5 microns, 6 microns and 12 microns identified as JJAZZ SP1, SP2 and SP3 respectively, designed to fit a wide variety of user applications.

JJI Technologies is becoming the industry leader in high performance flame retardant additives. JJI bases its technology platform on developing innovative and novel non-halogen flame retardants and plastic additives. We are committed to protecting the environment by developing recyclable innovative Green Embedded Technologies that will replace materials which are currently being de-specified and/or regulated out of the world marketplace.Our products are based on emerging technology and are an important contribution to improving consumer safety while being environmentally friendly.

JJAZZ® meets or exceeds Restriction of Hazardous substances (RoHS) Directive,Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive,The Canadian Challenge, and has been prescreened for REACH compliancy. Conforming to these directives helps our customers to gain a competitive advantage in a marketplace that is continually increasing regulations based on cradle to cradle recycling initiatives and environmental concerns. JJAZZ® and other JJI products create a seamless interface between people, companies, technologies and material boundaries.

For more information, contact JJI Technologies, 1350 Bacon Road, Painesville,OH 44077. Call 615.794.0445, fax 440.354.9402, or visit www.jji-technologies.com.

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